Fred Ouweleen is PacMin’s CEO and principal owner. He purchased Pacific Miniatures in 1986 and has been integrally involved with the company ever since. His love of aviation is life long, having been inspired when he was three years old by a picture on the back of cereal box showing a father and son flying a Piper Cub over a pastoral landscape. He started flying a Piper Cub out of a grass strip in Ansonia, Connecticut when he was sixteen and has been a general aviation pilot ever since. In this website log, he shares his perspectives on our industry and the challenges, opportunities and possibilities facing PacMin.

It is unwise to pay too much.... But it's worse to pay too little.
In early June I found myself at the newly remodeled Terminal 2 at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). After spending some time there and in the International Terminal, SFO is now my favorite airport.
What is it worth to have a CEO or other executive make space in her or his office for a model that is a constant reminder and advertisement of and for you and your company?
The 1959 video features scenes from Westway Models which at the time was based near London, England. Until its closure in 1998, it was the oldest aviation model maker in Europe.
Kevin Hill, 18-year-old son of Chris Hill of our Tooling and CNC Machining department, was invited by All the Arts to paint an 18” heart sculpture. He is one of the youngest artists to have participated in the project.