Exhibit Models


BB-8, C-3PO, and R2-D2 pose in front of the newest Star Wars ANA Jet. // Photo courtesy of Star Wars.

Captivate customers with visually dynamic exhibit models. New interactivity options and luxurious finishes allow you to create truly engaging and immersive experiences centered on your aircraft.

Designed for high profile VIP moments, our exhibit models are exquisite works of art and showroom-ready.


  • Structural urethane and fiberglass parts meticulously engineered from tooling approved and licensed by airframe manufacturers
  • Custom manufactured and hand-finished to your exact specifications
  • Chrome tripod base
  • Premium graphics
  • Premium carton and/or crate plus custom foam packing
  • Visual and interactivity enhancements available

This is just a sample of what we offer.  For a fully custom exhibit model or display, please contact us.



  • Lit cockpit and passenger windows
  • Interior and exterior lighting with programmable color
  • Realistic synchronized landing, navigation and strobe lights
Exterior and interior lighting enhancements available for all PacMin exhibit models
Exterior and interior lighting enhancements available for all PacMin exhibit models


  • Specialized paint finish for outdoor display
  • Luxurious high performance finish for lobby or showroom display
Chrome finish enhancement available for all PacMin exhibit models
Boeing unveiled their 777X program at the 2013 Dubai Air Show. The exhibit model features lighting, moving wingtip parts and a custom lit base. / Photo courtesy of Boeing


  • iPad connectivity via wi-fi
  • Mobile app to compliment your model or display
  • Custom base with built-in bluetooth sound
Preview of Air New Zealand mobile app with CGI and 3D rendering
Tom Toomey, PacMin Director of Business Development, discusses the new opportunities 3D projection brings to model aircraft and the customer experience.


  • One-way and reuseable wood crates*
  • High impact cases
  • Fiberglass crates
  • Expedited service
  • Ask us about custom crates and other shipping options

* All our wood crates are heat-treated and meet international shipping standards.


  • Refurbishment and display overhaul
  • On-site installation assistance
Harrison Ford who plays Star Wars character Han Solo autographs a 1/20 scale BB-8 ANA JET produced by PacMin // Photo courtesy of All Nippon Airways


  • Custom lit base
  • Personalized nameplates
  • Built-in bluetooth sound
  • Structural improvements for hanging
1/6 scale Aerion supersonic jet cutaway with custom lit base
1/8 scale Boeing 737-8 exhibit model (16 feet or 5m long) with hanging attachments