Our team can create stunning photorealistic CGI renderings, walk through videos and mobile apps. Use them as standalone projects or in combination with large scale models for an engaging, multimedia experience.

We create these powerful multi-media experiences by blending our latest capabilities with time-tested, traditional skills. With our 3D rendering services we can projection map computer animation and live action imagery onto our legendary models to create a visually stunning presentation. Each show can be custom programmed for your potential client to create a presentation that speaks personally to your clients’ unique needs.


Take your customer experience to the next level with 3D projection mapping. We can project live action video or CGI onto virtually any surface, including our precision engineered models and displays.

In 2015, PacMin opened their own customer experience center where guests can view PacMin-Blue Sky CGI’s 3D projection mapping technology first hand.


PacMin-Blue Sky CGI can custom program an app to compliment your exhibit model or display, or as a stand alone sales tool.